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Where We Registered

My parents have always been my role models for what a loving marriage looks like. They never fought in front of us, frequently told us “I love you,” and made a whole lot of sacrifices so we could enjoy a better life. And I always remember thinking how lucky I would be if I could find just a quarter of all of that with someone one day. But as I get older, I realize that all of those signs of a loving marriage are only the surface. Marriage is a partnership – best friends who want the best for each other and support each other in both the best and worst of times. You celebrate the good together, but you grow stronger and closer during the rough moments. And with age, I’ve come to realize that my parents have been married for over 30 years because they constantly work at their partnership and continue to grow together each day.


Ryan and I work a lot like that. And I am so fortunate to have found someone who is the hot fudge to my ice cream, the broth to my ramen, and the bacon to my eggs (c’mon I had to throw some foodie puns in here). He has a way of calming me in my moments of anxiety and making me laugh even when I’m boiling with anger. He finds joy in making me joyful and I am a better person because of how he supports and encourages me. Those are the things that mean the most, especially as our lives have grown more hectic over the past couple years. We provide each other with a steadiness and foundation.


We cannot wait to tie the knot and begin our forever partnership. Having you all here with us that weekend will be the icing on the cake for us, as it’s because of you that we have bloomed into the couple we are today. Thank you for supporting us and our sometimes annoying habits and for filling our days with love and encouragement. We are so blessed and thankful for each one of you. I’m so looking forward to the best day with my best guy and our best friends.

Over the past 4 years, my love for Jaci has developed facets, exposing me to an impressive, strong, and passionate woman. I’ve grown to admire her accomplishments. I’ve found myself stunned by her tenacity for bringing about change in what she believes in. I’ve become excited by the brightness she brings to my days. And most satisfying of all, I continue to learn more about the person she is and new ways to love.

While marriage is a celebration of two becoming one, that couple is the product of an almost countless number of family, friends, and acquaintances who’ve imparted love, generosity, wisdom, and memories to make them the couple they are.

I’m so excited to be celebrating those people who have made a difference in our lives on June 17, 2017 and cannot wait to share even more memories with you in the years ahead. Thank you for being a support, a cheerleader, and a reason for me to smile.