Mixtape – J+R: Let’s Do This

A playlist made to get the this wedding party started in your own hotel room.

Take a listen.

Mixtape – J+R 9: Love, Anyway You Say It

Music can capture an emotion better than most things. It's because melody includes so much more than just words. These songs are all sung in another tongue, yet we relate to them all the same.

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Mixtape – J+R 6: Ho Ho Ho

The holidays are about celebrating with family. But for me, a lot of the symbolism of Christmas is captured in music. Here's a bunch of my favorite Christmas songs that capture the spirit of the season.

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J+R: Save The Date

During our engagement photo shoot with Olli Studio, they sort of surprised us by taking some interview questions near the end of the day that we assumed would be used for our wedding day video. With that content, they created the gorgeous video above that took our breath away.

Engagement Photos

Moo over at Olli Studio is an absolute delight to work with and after a quick glance at their work, knows how to get the most out of a camera.

On August 29, Ryan & I met up with him and his second for what turned out to be such a memorable day for us at Hamilton Park in Jersey City.

Proposal Photos

If you haven't read the story of our proposal, take a look. Then feel free to look at our gallery.

Ryan + Jaci:: A ChefSteps Love Story

We were so lucky to be guests of ChefSteps.com last October for a night we'll never forget. Feel free to read the whole story.

Mixtape: J+R – Getting To Know You

Music is a big part of my life. Call me a sap, but during the course of my relationship with Jaci, I've made her a bunch of mixtapes to create a soundtrack for us.  This playlist is the first of many that have played in the background of sessions cooking together, long drives, or home-cooked meals.

Take a listen.